Wednesday, 30 November 2011

House Selling, Jewellery Selling and Christmas (nearly)

I've been a bit quiet as it's been so hard to get a minute to myself. Our house has been on the market for a while now, and we have seen a couple of houses we would like to buy: one within our budget but unlikely to make us a big renovation profit, and one out of our budget but likely to be amazing once done. So we have accepted a low offer on ours, to get ourselves in a situation to bid for the others. It's a bit like ebay but with mega-bucks. The stress of bidding against other people, not knowing if you are bidding too high, not wanting to get your hopes up, and the crashing disappointment when you don't get it. To cut a long story short, we got the one we can afford, we didn't get the one we can't afford. I guess on paper this makes sense, but I always believe in stretching yourself (if interest rates are likely to stay low, which I think they are), to then get yourself up the next big step on the ladder. Anyway, we didn't get the wreck with potential, but we got the lesser wreck with lesser potential. Which is still exciting: it has a bigger garden, and will be much easier to live in during building works (we couldn't afford to move out and rent).
In the meantime we have been squabbling with the people who have offered on our house. They have offered below the asking price, and yet expect us to leave them various pieces of furniture and all our curtains. I have said they can't have our furniture (it's amazing the excuses one has to come up with: it belonged to my granny, it was a wedding present... it's just bloody well mine so sod off), and I've said they can pay for the curtains. This has caused a total fracas, with emails shooting between the agent and their property finder, and finally resulting in them agreeing to a small sum. BUT, they have decided to come and have another look, to study the curtains in depth. So on Friday morning I am supposed to welcome them with open arms whilst they analyse my furnishings. That was not the deal! We are selling our house, not our possessions... argggghhh...

On a more friendly note, I hosted a jewellery trunk show today. This sounds very posh, but actually it was a friend of mine from uni who popped over with a suitcase of lovely jewellery, and various friends/mums from school got to look at the stuff and try it on whilst sipping coffee and eating biscuits.
In preparation for this, I stayed up till midnight decorating the house for Christmas and mopping the floors. It has to be said I am a bit of a Christmas fan, so the house is covered in fairy lights, garlands, nativity scenes, Father Christmases, and a large plastic tree in the basement for the children (rainbow lights, rainbow baubles, etc) and so on. I have been told to wait till December (ie TOMORROW!!!) before I can put up a real tree upstairs in the grown up room (white lights, and marginally less rainbow decorations). I lit the Christmas smelly candle, and my goodness I am feeling the joy! This combined with a successful jewellery sale, 2 sleeping children and an hour for me, I might even forget the house saga - momentarily...

This is a snippet of the children's tree, I'm loving birds this year!


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